A package to create an ELM Single Page Application

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As part of research and development, we worked on a new approach without code generation to make the assembly of a Single Page Application (SPA) in ELM easy and reliable.

We have released an elm-spa library which doesn’t contain any code generation tool to limit error sources while creating a SPA. This library has been presented by Christophe de Vienne during an ELM meetup on october 2021.

A 2.0.0 version which includes some improvements has recently been published. The main improvements are :

  • the possibility for a page not to be reinitialized when its route parameters change. This is very useful for a page which includes a search feature for example.

  • the separation of a Spa.PageStack module which only gathers pages into a component, but without being a complete application. This should allow a gradual migration of an existing written application.

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