Heptapod is our new Mercurial forge

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As you may have noticed our blog has moved. This move makes place for our new forge,, which is a Heptapod instance.

Heptapod is a gitlab friendly fork that allows to use mercurial with gitlab. Moreover it allows to use the evolve/topic workflow we love.

This comes at the same time Bitbucket is preparing to end support for Mercurial.

This move is sad but understandable. It opens a place for other actors in the Mercurial hosting space.

We are happy to be able to use gitlab with mercurial with our preferred workflow. This is an improvement over the mercurial support we received these last years from Bitbucket.

We are also happy to announce that any serious business that would like to support private (and public) Mercurial repositories with CI/CD and a modern worflow can contact CloudCrane to discuss pricing. The CloudCrane offering is for dedicated environments with DVCS and a CI/CD workload that will be used by development teams.

If you are an individual person who wants to publish your open source code with Mercurial you can ask the heptapod developpers for a free hosting plan on their new shared plateform. They are also launching a paying service for private projects:

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