A new minor version: Xbus 3.1

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As mentioned in a previous article, the Xbus team has been working on a new minor version implementation: Xbus.3.1. This version brings several novelties which improve both the solution features and its interface.

Where do we stand?

Works on this new version are now completed. We have released 2 beta versions which we have consolidated with 3 release candidates. We are happy to announce that the final version has been released right after the third release candidate!

What are Xbus.3.1 novelties?

This minor version contains various novelties which improve the data bus, namely:

Support for replies that enables an emitter to wait for an answer to the message sent. This can be an answer from a consuming application or a simple return to the emitter if the message is supposed to come back,

• Internal API for embedding a GUI (currently being developed) in the http gateway,

• Creation of binaries for Windows and macOS,

Listing and filtering processes by creation dates,

Controlling certificates’ expiration dates.

The complete list of changes brought by each version is available here.

Update and compatibility

Version 3.1 is compatible with version 3.0. Thus, it is possible to update only the server without experiencing any problem on the clients’ side and vice versa. In case of incompatibility, do not hesitate to tell us.

The Xbus team keeps working actively to improve the data bus.

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