Xbus 3.2: new Prometheus metrics and new commands for administration console

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We are pleased to announce that a new version has been published: Xbus 3.2! Thanks to the new features it includes, this new version contributes to the tool professionalization and optimizes user comfort.

Process replay

When a process is terminated, with success or not, it can be “replayed” with the new command “xbusctl ps replay”.

Process summary

We added a new feature to easily get a general view of the process. It is accessible by two means:

  • The “xbusctl ps summary” command,
  • New Prometheus metrics, allowing fine tuned alerts on the process states, and of course beautiful graphs in Grafana!

Running process by pipeline

Storage stats

The “envelope” and “logs” storages are now able to export usage stats. These data are accessible:

  • With “xbusctl envelope stat” and “xbusctl logs stat” from the command line in new Prometheus metrics,
  • Storage stats. “xbusctl envelope stat” and “xbusctl logs stat” display storage statistics.

Pipeline management

We added new features to “xbusctl pipeline” that will make pipelines edition and activation a lot more comfortable.

  • “xbusctl pipeline get-all” and “xbusctl pipeline set-all”: allow to synchronize on-disk pipeline definitions with the ones on a bus instance,
  • “xbusctl pipeline list” now has a “–extended” mode that gives you an overview of the pipeline content, and a bunch of new flags to filter the pipelines by various criterias.

Internal changes

  • Switch to zerolog for logging,
  • Store all dates in UTC,
  • Upgrade the toolchain to golang 1.14.

Please, keep in mind that Xbus is completely Open Source and customizable. If you have a digital transformation project that requires to adapt the tool, do not hesitate to contact us to talk about it.

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