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The solution used to interconnect your applications is at the center of your information system. Being able to adapt it to your needs is vital. Xbus is Open Source, so it is easy to customize it.

Situated at the crossroads of data exchange in the information system, Xbus is a cloud-native solution which it is necessary to master if you want to create and maintain an urbanized information system able to evolve. The bus is Open Source and implements open standards such as NATS. It is therefore easier for companies using it to learn how to develop it.

Xbus source code is available on under the MIT license. Documentation enables users to be able to contribute to the development of the bus itself, connectors or libraries making it easier to develop connectors in different languages. Training sessions can also help teams to do so.

It is possible for any developer or DevOps to develop Xbus libraries or connectors. The bus is agnostic, so developers don’t need to know how to program in its language (Golang). They only have to implement its connector API in whichever language they need. A tool used to formalize Xbus API makes this implementation easier.

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