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We recently announced the release of Xbus 3.0.0. The Xbus team has developed several patch versions before starting to work on a minor Xbus 3.1 version.

List of Xbus 3 corrections

Many improvements have been brought to Xbus major version. The Xbus team published several patch versions involving various components of the data transport solution. Please note that all patch versions are compatible with the former ones. This means that you can update the server separately from the clients.

First, a 3.0.1 version has been developed to make improvements, especially regarding user experience and pipelines.

Here is an overview of the most representative corrections in this version:

  • Improvement of user experience for deleting accounts and actors,

  • Improvement of user experience for renewing certificates,

  • In pipelines, consumer nodes can now match actors directly, and not only by actor roles.

Then, the Xbus team published the 3.0.2 version including, among others, the following changes:

  • “xbusctl pipeline save” command does not overwrite the source file anymore,

  • Added a few Prometheus metrics.

In order to make additional improvements, especially concerning metrics and performances, a 3.0.3 version has been released. The major changes included in this version are:

  • Metrics: fix database metrics,

  • ps purge: optimise parallelisation for better performances.

The 3.0.4 version dedicated to the « ps purge » command contains the following changes:

  • Fix purging large number of processes,

  • Speed improvement by a factor of a few hundred.

To make error handling easier, a 3.0.5 version has been released. This version includes:

  • Improvement of error reports sent to Sentry, which highly facilitates their analysis,

  • A webhook option which enables to restart failed processes for some http errors (for example 502 or 503) until they succeed.

The 3.0.6 version includes several corrections such as:

A new minor version coming soon: Xbus 3.1

Our team is currently working on a new minor version: Xbus 3.1. This version will be compatible with Xbus 3 various patch versions. It will contain several important novelties such as:

  • Immediate reply concept: an emitter which will send a message will receive a reply. It could be an answer provided by a consumer application or a simple return if the message is supposed to come back to the emitter (when the emitter is the last actor of the loop),

  • Login/password authentication & session token,

  • Integration of WebSocket technology into xbus-http to enable a web browser to connect to the bus natively through the HTTP gateway,

  • Macos and Windows binaries creation in addition to Linux ones,

  • Xbus interface improvement, especially thanks to the display of process creation dates and the possibility to filter them.

To be continued…

In order to provide users with a powerful and secure solution, we are constantly improving Xbus. The Xbus team does its best to patch the data transport solution and to keep optimizing its performances.

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